Entries by Ben Garrett

Lacan and the Beacon of Desire

“Desire, on the other hand, is dangerous to the world as it is. It is what produces our dissatisfaction with our pleasures because our pleasures can never keep up with the desires they (cl)aim to satisfy. Desire is a beacon to a different world.”

Jesus Hated Family Values

“Throughout his ministry, Jesus is in conflict with both the notion of family (Mt. 20:34-37, Mt.19:1-10, Mt. 23:9) and his own family (Lk. 2: 42-52, Mk. 3:21). If we move beyond Jesus’ ministry and look at the epistles and the practice of early Christians we see this conflict continuing and becoming institutionalized. The Christians’ decision to address each other as brothers and sisters deeply disturbed the surrounding society. Indeed, because of this practice and that their ritual greetings included kissing, Christians were accused of incest.”

Black Theology, White Eyes: A Primer for the Privileged

“To read black theology as a white person is to truly see one’s own racially biased, white theology for the first time. Black theologians are attempting to rescue Christianity from an unjustly universalized white interpretation and therefore are deft surgeons when it comes to excising cultural whiteness from Christian theology.”


The Devil in the Mirror

“One of the great ironies of our time (perhaps of history) is that it is precisely at the table where Christ broke bread with his betrayer that Christians are huddling together with people who differ from them in almost no meaningful way.”