Entries by Chase Tibbs

Mass Incarceration: A Theological Reflection

“Today, rather than using explicitly derogatory slurs and epithets to justify our structural violence toward the most disadvantaged in our society, we as Christians, complicit by participation and acceptance, have offered a new name, a new label that makes our mistreatment of other humans seem God-ordained.”


Jonah and the Story of White American Christianity

“Returning to the words of Gutiérrez and Bonhoeffer, if white Christians truly want to be known by our “Christian poverty” that, essentially, is “an expression of love,” we will begin to “seize the hour in complete freedom, facing the danger,” and willingly choose to “participate in Christ’s own magnanimous heart” for dismantling the demonic powers of racism.”

Loving, Leaving, and Returning to Scripture

“The adventure that is our relationship with the Bible is not something to be conquered, nor boasted about. Rather, I wholeheartedly believe the Scriptures can provide for us a lifelong partner for this human endeavor of pursuing, and being pursued by, the Divine.”

The Crux of Salvation

“Our paradigmatic lenses through which we see the world, our ideas concerning other human beings, our God-talk: these all deeply inform how we relate to each other and think about ourselves. If this were not the case, our theological depictions of God would be meaningless.”