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God’s Not Dead and the Unbelievers: Very Different Movies That Are Exactly The Same

” Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel once wrote that there are no proofs for the God of Israel, only witnesses. For him, faith is not something to be deduced, but something that we intuit, not a piece of knowledge, but an attitude towards life that allows us to perceive the grandeur of existence, standing in awe of that which is beyond our grasp. When we talk about our belief, we must perceive this wonder inherent to our world, becoming witnesses of a God who we cannot prove, but only believe in.”


Science, Faith, and the Riddles of Life

“This allows persons of faith to avoid feeling threatened by scientific discoveries which may initially appear to impinge on the Bible’s historical accuracy, and leaves science free from unneeded and unwanted intrusions from religion. It is a way of viewing the two separately that aids in answering ‘all possible scientific questions,’ while also seeking to touch upon the ‘riddles of life,’ those which religious faith is uniquely suited to address.”

The Labyrinth

“The labyrinth symbolizes our spiritual life as a whole in a unique way. One must keep their eyes on the path as they walk, looking neither forward nor backward, or else they will stray from the path they are to continue on. How often do we ruminate endlessly on past mistakes or fear future events which may not even come to pass instead of focusing on the divine presence that permeates every moment? Walking the labyrinth is a way of avoiding such wandering, helping us to fulfill Jesus’ command to consider the lilies rather than being filled with anxiety for tomorrow.”