Entries by Micah Wimmer

The Demand of the Resurrection

“The Gospel of Mark originally ended abruptly after their fleeing from the tomb, with the disciples unnotified about this stunning event, with the young man’s claims about the rising of Jesus unconfirmed. Later manuscripts added a neater ending to the text, wrapping things up more in line with the other three canonical Gospels, featuring Jesus’ appearances to the disciples and his ascension. Yet, personally, I find something very human, very relatable about the ending of Mark as originally written.”

The Confessions of Julien Baker

“By recounting the horrors she has faced, listeners know they are not alone, there is hope beyond the pain of the present moment, there is a God that listens whether one rejoices or complains, a God that is present in both the pews at one’s local church and the stools around the neighborhood bar.”