Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics: Exposition & Diagnosis

"‘Spiral dynamics’ is a psychological model intended to decipher these broad patterns of behaviors and motivations. The model categorizes these patterns into stages, beginning from the least complex stage where biological drives determine wholly the content of consciousness, to the most complex, where biological drives have nearly vanished due to the prominence of concepts and the effects of socialization."

A Review of Mindfulness and Christianity by Tim Stead

"Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality is a worthwhile contribution, offering insights on the interplay between the two that will likely prove most useful to Christians who are looking for a new way to enliven a spiritual life that has become staid and stagnant."
The Domestication of American Christianity #EmptyThePews

The Domestication of American Christianity #EmptyThePews

"Unfortunately, our desires for a more just society exist in a religious environment with little in the way of infrastructure to nurture them. Rather than creating agents of profound social change, our religious institutions create passive religious content consumers."
Jonah and the Story of White American Christianity by Chase Tibbs

Jonah and the Story of White American Christianity

"Returning to the words of Gutiérrez and Bonhoeffer, if white Christians truly want to be known by our “Christian poverty” that, essentially, is “an expression of love,” we will begin to “seize the hour in complete freedom, facing the danger,” and willingly choose to “participate in Christ’s own magnanimous heart” for dismantling the demonic powers of racism."
No More Martyrs by Ben Tapper

No More Martyrs

"Both myths are driven by our propensity to discover something positive in bad situations, or to justify actions with unintended or evil consequences. To frame assassinations and martyrdoms as anything else than the tragedies they are is an easy, and almost natural, thing to do."