Watching the Crucifixion

Watching the Crucifixion

"There is no reality within which the white church can deny the existence of widespread violence and abuse against people of color. Just as the Roman empire and its representatives caused, participated in, and watched the brutal death of Jesus of Nazareth, so too white Christians watch as people of color continue to fall victim to a system of oppression that the white church has created, perpetuated, and benefitted from."
Black Theology, White Eyes: A Primer for the Privileged by Ben Garrett

Black Theology, White Eyes: A Primer for the Privileged

"To read black theology as a white person is to truly see one’s own racially biased, white theology for the first time. Black theologians are attempting to rescue Christianity from an unjustly universalized white interpretation and therefore are deft surgeons when it comes to excising cultural whiteness from Christian theology."
An Introduction to Paul Virilio’s Christianity

An Introduction to Paul Virilio’s Christianity

"By recognizing and accepting the horrors, we can come to love each other as we are, not against sinful being, but explicitly because of it.  Not a negation of the place of horrors, but a struggle through it: a movement on the incline."
The Devil in the Mirror by Ben Garrett

The Devil in the Mirror

"One of the great ironies of our time (perhaps of history) is that it is precisely at the table where Christ broke bread with his betrayer that Christians are huddling together with people who differ from them in almost no meaningful way."
Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics: Exposition & Diagnosis

"‘Spiral dynamics’ is a psychological model intended to decipher these broad patterns of behaviors and motivations. The model categorizes these patterns into stages, beginning from the least complex stage where biological drives determine wholly the content of consciousness, to the most complex, where biological drives have nearly vanished due to the prominence of concepts and the effects of socialization."