No More Martyrs by Ben Tapper

No More Martyrs

"Both myths are driven by our propensity to discover something positive in bad situations, or to justify actions with unintended or evil consequences. To frame assassinations and martyrdoms as anything else than the tragedies they are is an easy, and almost natural, thing to do."
How to Practice Lectio Divina

The Practice of Lectio Divina

"For over a millennium,  Christians have practiced an ancient discipline called Lectio Divina, a practice which recognizes, and draws attention to the belief that God uses Scripture to speak into our lives. Through reading, prayer, meditation, and contemplation, Scripture becomes a vehicle for God to guide us."
Charlottesville and Christianity: Our Complicity and Its Challenge by Micah Wimmer

Charlottesville and Christianity: Our Complicity and Its Challenge

"Those of us who are people of faith are not called to stand on the sidelines, offering empty gestures and slogans of goodwill, but to fight for justice, standing in solidarity with the oppressed wherever they are to be found. May we fulfill our call."
Posthumanism and Religion by Jacob Vangeest

Posthumanism and Religion

"Posthumanism is distinct from anti-humanism because it doesn't seek to abolish the human. Instead, it rejects anthropocentrism in favor of a decentred human in 'interdependence with multiple others.'"
Science, Faith, and the Riddles of Life by Micah Wimmer

Science, Faith, and the Riddles of Life

"This allows persons of faith to avoid feeling threatened by scientific discoveries which may initially appear to impinge on the Bible’s historical accuracy, and leaves science free from unneeded and unwanted intrusions from religion. It is a way of viewing the two separately that aids in answering 'all possible scientific questions,' while also seeking to touch upon the 'riddles of life,' those which religious faith is uniquely suited to address."