Posthumanism and Religion by Jacob Vangeest

Posthumanism and Religion

"Posthumanism is distinct from anti-humanism because it doesn't seek to abolish the human. Instead, it rejects anthropocentrism in favor of a decentred human in 'interdependence with multiple others.'"
Science, Faith, and the Riddles of Life by Micah Wimmer

Science, Faith, and the Riddles of Life

"This allows persons of faith to avoid feeling threatened by scientific discoveries which may initially appear to impinge on the Bible’s historical accuracy, and leaves science free from unneeded and unwanted intrusions from religion. It is a way of viewing the two separately that aids in answering 'all possible scientific questions,' while also seeking to touch upon the 'riddles of life,' those which religious faith is uniquely suited to address."
With the Bible in One Hand, and Rebellion in the Other by Ben Garrett

With the Bible in One Hand and Rebellion in the Other

"We must listen intently to our neighbors and how our interpretations shape their world. If the Münster Rebellion can teach us anything, it is that there is nothing more dangerous than an open Bible."
Is "Our Father It?" by Anita Peebles

Is "Our Father" It?

"I must take into account the children raised in households with two mommies, who don’t have a father figure. Just because it does not cause me pain to call God “Father,” it does not mean I am free to do so, to as a minister enforce or normalize this conception of God without considering the experiences of others."
The Labyrinth by Micah Wimmer

The Labyrinth

"The labyrinth symbolizes our spiritual life as a whole in a unique way. One must keep their eyes on the path as they walk, looking neither forward nor backward, or else they will stray from the path they are to continue on. How often do we ruminate endlessly on past mistakes or fear future events which may not even come to pass instead of focusing on the divine presence that permeates every moment? Walking the labyrinth is a way of avoiding such wandering, helping us to fulfill Jesus’ command to consider the lilies rather than being filled with anxiety for tomorrow."