Worship from the Mines by Ben Garrett

Worship from the Mines

"Danger is everywhere for these young men. With a 40-year average life-expectancy, miners are exposed to poisonous gases and cave-ins, making death an ever-present possibility in Cerro Rico. In an attempt to protect themselves, the miners make offerings of cocoa and cigarettes to El Tio, the deity of the mines. It’s no wonder statues of El Tio are stationed throughout the mines by the companies who own the mountain. Every day, the Catholic Bolivians descend into the earth and worship the devil."
Immanent Liturgies by Jacob Vangeest

Immanent Liturgies

"In The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology Slavoj Žižek reads Christ’s death on the cross as a hopeful one for Christians. For Žižek, Christ signals to the believers his death is good news because 'It means you are alone, left to your freedom. Be in the Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, which is just the community of believers.'"
On the Collusion between Megachurches and the Prosperity Gospel by Ben Whitehead

An Unholy Marriage: Megachurches and the Prosperity Gospel

"The presence of megachurches as a mega-fabric of the American Christian landscape is hardly news to anyone. What might be, however, is the relationship between megachurches and the prosperity movement—a relationship that is inherently symbiotic."
The Courage to Speak of God by Tylor Lovins

On the Courage to Speak of God

"If, with Bultmann and the demands of the modern world, we cease claiming ultimate truth for our conceptions of the divine, we must learn how to testify to our experiences, to give voice to our liberations and struggles, to our ways of being and ways of thinking. And this involves questioning who we are at our deepest levels: to stand under question."
When Faith Needs Doubt by Chase Tibbs

When Faith Needs Doubt

"What could happen if people of faith were to embrace the possibility of knowing less than ultimate truth? Imagine the love and the passion and the wonder that could come from our divine capacity for curiosity."