Loving, Leaving, and Returning to Scripture by Chase Tibbs

Loving, Leaving, and Returning to Scripture

"The adventure that is our relationship with the Bible is not something to be conquered, nor boasted about. Rather, I wholeheartedly believe the Scriptures can provide for us a lifelong partner for this human endeavor of pursuing, and being pursued by, the Divine."
The Function of My Faith by Davia Campbell

On the Function of My Faith

"However, as I learned to stay closer to the more unpleasant feelings of life (anger, anxiety, unease, and grief), I began to notice and wonder about the fact that I brought everything back to this figure, that I worked really hard to bring everything into alignment and meaningful relation to God and how this was a somewhat hidden and deeply anxious energy that presented itself as 'working out my faith with fear and trembling.'"
The 2/3rds by Izabelle Woods

The 2/3rds

"Dropped an atheist-sized grenade into my parents’ kitchen. Turned 20. I start & stop dating a girl. Came out as a lesbian. My dad had heart surgery the same day. Doctors say it’s unrelated. Household in all out war."
The Resentful Disillusioned by Cody Rhynard

The Resentful Disillusioned

“If we really want to understand in any degree our present situation, we must try to understand better the situation out of which we emerged and which we reject.”
The Demand of the Resurrection by Micah Wimmer

The Demand of the Resurrection

"The Gospel of Mark originally ended abruptly after their fleeing from the tomb, with the disciples unnotified about this stunning event, with the young man’s claims about the rising of Jesus unconfirmed. Later manuscripts added a neater ending to the text, wrapping things up more in line with the other three canonical Gospels, featuring Jesus’ appearances to the disciples and his ascension. Yet, personally, I find something very human, very relatable about the ending of Mark as originally written."