With the Bible in One Hand, and Rebellion in the Other by Ben Garrett

With the Bible in One Hand and Rebellion in the Other

"We must listen intently to our neighbors and how our interpretations shape their world. If the Münster Rebellion can teach us anything, it is that there is nothing more dangerous than an open Bible."
The 2/3rds by Izabelle Woods

The 2/3rds

"Dropped an atheist-sized grenade into my parents’ kitchen. Turned 20. I start & stop dating a girl. Came out as a lesbian. My dad had heart surgery the same day. Doctors say it’s unrelated. Household in all out war."
Worship from the Mines by Ben Garrett

Worship from the Mines

"Danger is everywhere for these young men. With a 40-year average life-expectancy, miners are exposed to poisonous gases and cave-ins, making death an ever-present possibility in Cerro Rico. In an attempt to protect themselves, the miners make offerings of cocoa and cigarettes to El Tio, the deity of the mines. It’s no wonder statues of El Tio are stationed throughout the mines by the companies who own the mountain. Every day, the Catholic Bolivians descend into the earth and worship the devil."
The New (Old) Good News: Fulfillment is Crap by Ben Whitehead

The New (Old) Good News: Fulfillment is Crap

"The birth of consciousness has within itself a deep fissure that manifests in a feeling of essential lacking. The infant, now aware of itself as subject, painfully wishes to reattach to the mother, to feel and crave and need within the same body. This craving to reconnect, as a confession of one’s own lacking, is one way that we might, religiously, talk about sin."
Has the Bible Betrayed Us by Cody Rhynard

Has the Bible Betrayed Us?

"The question follows: Does this complexity of scripture add to its beauty, or does it strip it of its voice in a scientific age where knowing what is around every corner is championed?"