James Cone Introduction

Christianity Now Guide to James Cone

"Cone’s work marked a decisive shift within theological circles as no longer could one do theology and consider it an objective pursuit, cloistered in academia, for Cone called all those who reflected upon God and the world to think of promoting the liberation of the oppressed as the primary task of theology."
Introduction to Walter Brueggemann

Christianity Now Guide to Walter Brueggemann

"Brueggemann is best known for his insistence that the Old Testament promotes an alternative imagination, challenging and confounding the ideology of both Pharoah’s Egypt and America’s imperial hegemony. Moreover, Brueggemann is a legendary homiletician, a purveyor of all things political and a part time comedian (well, not exactly, but he does have a ripe sense of humor)."
Christianity Now Guide to Paul Tillich

Christianity Now Guide to Paul Tillich

"Tillich, in an intellectual climate that opposed and discouraged such a goal, emphasized the need to show the meaning of Christian faith more than almost any other theologian of recent years."