• Reason Revolution Episode 9 - The Future of Faith - A Conversation with Tylor Lovins

This week, Justin, from Reason Revolution, sits down with friend and collaborator Tylor Lovins to continue their dialogue on religion and secularism for Christianity Now. In this conversation, Tylor shares with Justin his evolving sense of philosophy and theology, the impact that secularism has had on religion and politics, the problems associated with “identity politics,” and the nature of beliefs in the modern world.

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Justin Clark

Justin Clark

Activist and Public Historian at Reason Revolution
Justin Clark is a public historian and atheist activist. He holds a Bachelor's degree in History/Political Science from Indiana University Kokomo and a Master's degree in Public History from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.He is the host of the podcast, Reason Revolution. A lifelong skeptic, Justin studies the history of freethought and secularism in the nineteenth century. You can contact him at thedailyclark@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @thedailyclark.
Justin Clark

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