The Devil in the Mirror by Ben Garrett

The Devil in the Mirror

"One of the great ironies of our time (perhaps of history) is that it is precisely at the table where Christ broke bread with his betrayer that Christians are huddling together with people who differ from them in almost no meaningful way."
The Domestication of American Christianity #EmptyThePews

The Domestication of American Christianity #EmptyThePews

"Unfortunately, our desires for a more just society exist in a religious environment with little in the way of infrastructure to nurture them. Rather than creating agents of profound social change, our religious institutions create passive religious content consumers."
With the Bible in One Hand, and Rebellion in the Other by Ben Garrett

With the Bible in One Hand and Rebellion in the Other

"We must listen intently to our neighbors and how our interpretations shape their world. If the Münster Rebellion can teach us anything, it is that there is nothing more dangerous than an open Bible."
The 2/3rds by Izabelle Woods

The 2/3rds

"Dropped an atheist-sized grenade into my parents’ kitchen. Turned 20. I start & stop dating a girl. Came out as a lesbian. My dad had heart surgery the same day. Doctors say it’s unrelated. Household in all out war."
Immanent Liturgies by Jacob Vangeest

Immanent Liturgies

"In The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology Slavoj Žižek reads Christ’s death on the cross as a hopeful one for Christians. For Žižek, Christ signals to the believers his death is good news because 'It means you are alone, left to your freedom. Be in the Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, which is just the community of believers.'"