Is "Our Father It?" by Anita Peebles

Is "Our Father" It?

"I must take into account the children raised in households with two mommies, who don’t have a father figure. Just because it does not cause me pain to call God “Father,” it does not mean I am free to do so, to as a minister enforce or normalize this conception of God without considering the experiences of others."
The Courage to Speak of God by Tylor Lovins

On the Courage to Speak of God

"If, with Bultmann and the demands of the modern world, we cease claiming ultimate truth for our conceptions of the divine, we must learn how to testify to our experiences, to give voice to our liberations and struggles, to our ways of being and ways of thinking. And this involves questioning who we are at our deepest levels: to stand under question."
The Confessions of Julien Baker by Micah Wimmer

The Confessions of Julien Baker

"By recounting the horrors she has faced, listeners know they are not alone, there is hope beyond the pain of the present moment, there is a God that listens whether one rejoices or complains, a God that is present in both the pews at one’s local church and the stools around the neighborhood bar."