It’s Beautiful When You Eat: Reclaiming and Rediscovering Appetite

It’s Beautiful When You Eat: Reclaiming and Rediscovering Appetite

"It would seem that misogynistic religious traditions sometimes play a role in the entry of anorexia and various eating disorders, as they encourage women to develop appetite-denying practices. Traditional, patriarchal readings of the text take away the notion of appetite as life giving, and these alternative readings have the ability to give women back what was taken from them: a healthy appetite, the expression of which is in their control."
Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics: Exposition & Diagnosis

"‘Spiral dynamics’ is a psychological model intended to decipher these broad patterns of behaviors and motivations. The model categorizes these patterns into stages, beginning from the least complex stage where biological drives determine wholly the content of consciousness, to the most complex, where biological drives have nearly vanished due to the prominence of concepts and the effects of socialization."
The Function of My Faith by Davia Campbell

On the Function of My Faith

"However, as I learned to stay closer to the more unpleasant feelings of life (anger, anxiety, unease, and grief), I began to notice and wonder about the fact that I brought everything back to this figure, that I worked really hard to bring everything into alignment and meaningful relation to God and how this was a somewhat hidden and deeply anxious energy that presented itself as 'working out my faith with fear and trembling.'"
The Resentful Disillusioned by Cody Rhynard

The Resentful Disillusioned

“If we really want to understand in any degree our present situation, we must try to understand better the situation out of which we emerged and which we reject.”