Help Us Articulate the Christian Message to the Modern World

At Christianity Now, we are looking for people who have unique perspectives on the Christian message or its relation to society. Everyone is welcome to write for us. We value, above all, diversity of ideas, and the creation of a new dialogue around the import of the Christian message in the modern world. We’re not interested in rehashing millennium old debates. And we’re certainly not interested in reducing the function of faith to mere superstition or pseudo-science. But we’re looking for the best ideas on this topic of perennial importance.

Our typical article runs from 1,250 words to 1,500. Our long-form articles run up to 20,000 words. We also publish personal/testimonial articles.

Everyone encouraged to apply! If we gain supporters and/or sponsors, we will pay based on our support.

We do not accept submissions that were previously published elsewhere, including personal blogs.

Please allow 72 hours for a decision. Thank you for your consideration!